Issue 45

August 2013






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Is the chairman’s optimism shared by the members?

The following article suggests that it might not necessarily be so.

With our over subscribed groups that never change their composition it will also be interesting to learn how we will be able to offer other U3As access to our groups.

The Glue

Throughout life communication is an essential function. From babyhood, through school and working life until retirement. And communication doesn't stop there. It is equally as important thereafter if not more so. There is still much to learn and share. That is why it is great to belong to an organisation such as the U3A. With the experience of half our life behind us, it is a joy to be able to help others, communicate to learn and to impart our knowledge and feel we 'belong'. Communication is the ‘glue’ which helps us to belong.

The Committee - twelve committed people - give their time to keep the show on the road.  Group Leaders give their time to run their groups. But when it comes to replacement Committee members or a Group Leader - suddenly the majority of the 800 members has other things to do!  Because of this type of apathy - bigger events such as the Summer Event, Christmas Lunch, Annual Outings and several other such events have been lost, and no-one has come up with alternatives.

Surely newer members of our U3A are computer literate and have some interest in the U3A - otherwise you would not join. Perhaps the thought is that it is not that important to help and things will happen anyway. But you are the lifeblood of the U3A - and are needed on the Committee, and as Group Leaders, and to help with the communication through the web, emails, Stray News and the monthly newsletter Stray Bits, as well as helping in the groups to which you belong.

So - the glue is you. Keep our U3A going. Communicate and volunteer.  It’s not hard. It doesn't take up much time and the benefits to you and others are enormous. You meet more people, you understand the ethos better and it’s a great feeling to have made a difference.