Issue 45

August 2013






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Chairman’s Address Summer 2013

After two years as your chairman and the previous two years as vice-chairman, I feel that it is time to step down from the committee.

It has been an enjoyable and fulfilling time, largely attributable to my committee colleagues whose dedication and commitment have been exemplary. My sincere thanks go to them all.

Other committee members will also be standing down and I am gratified to find that a number of our members are stepping forward, willing to accept nomination.

I would however, still encourage others to consider nomination so that the work of our U3A can be taken forward with a fully established committee.

I have in recent years visited a number of our group activities and continue to be impressed with the quality of the leadership evident. Of particular note is the increasing willingness of members to step forward and assume leadership upon the retirement of previous leaders.

This progression is vital for the continued dynamism of Harrogate U3A and is central to what we mean by active membership.

Looking to the future we face both challenge and opportunity. There is no intention to increase our annual subscription which will remain at £12 next year. However, our funds are now being squeezed by newly imposed bank charges, a problem likely to affect a number of charities such as ours. (Our treasurer will give more details at the AGM). Also, postal costs will inevitably rise in the future.

This item however, we can attack. As you know Stray News is available on line yet is currently posted to all our 870 members, three times a year.

Fully 50% of us have E-mail and on-line facilities. If only a small number of us were to specify a willingness to forgo a hard copy of Stray News and settle for the on-line version, the savings would be considerable.

Please contact the secretary if you wish to help us with this initiative.

Your committee is always looking to ensure good value for money. One opportunity is collaboration with other, local U3As to open up our group activities. In essence this would mean that at the start of a year, members of the collaborating U3As would be able to select group activities from both their “home” U3A and from other local U3As. Members in good standing with their “home” U3A would thus have a wider array of group activities from which to choose without the necessity to pay additional membership subscriptions.

Details of how we intend to operate the scheme will be available in due course and we are indebted to Bill Airey, one of our members who is also chairman of Leeds U3A for taking this initiative forward.

Finally let me offer you all my sincere thanks for your goodwill and fellowship during my chairmanship.

Best wishes for the future.

David W Davies

Chairman, Harrogate U3A July 2013

Open Day and AGM Friday 27 September from 11 am at the Cairn Hotel
Open Day and AGM Friday 27 September from 11 am at the Cairn Hotel