Issue 45

August 2013






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The Photo Group Abroad

Liverpool is famous for "The Beatles" and its fine musical heritage, for its many architectural triumphs and for a nautical history stretching back generations.

Following a visit from members of the Photography Group all these three vital components of the city were intact.....however, reports indicate that several cream teas may have been demolished, thereby depriving Liverpudlians from some culinary treats! Sorry for that, Scouser ex-pats in Harrogate, but we needed replenishment of energies, after hours of photographic effort and battling a wicked wind on an albeit dry 24th June.


Our photo field trip this year was to Liverpool on 24 June see below.

Previously, when organising coach trips, we have booked a coach independently, to a destination of our choice. But, this left the group financially vulnerable to the changes in members circumstances etc, and presented many hours of effort to make sure everything was in place.

This time, however, one of the leadership team had a bright idea. She contacted a firm, who organised coach trips (Eddie Brown Tours), well in advance, and they were very receptive to organising a trip to a destination of our choice on a day convenient for the group. We had first chance to purchase tickets and the rest of the coach was filled with other U3A members and the general public. Minimal effort from the leadership team and no financial worries!

For group leaderships, we recommend the method we employed, for organising this visit, which minimised the financial risk and the time spent arranging.

Now we have 12 months worth of photographs, on a multitude of subjects, and we are presently doing the final organisation for our annual exhibition. This year, we return to St. Peter's Church in the town centre, a favourite location, used on previous occasions, but it has been unavailable, due to major refurbishment. This year, the exhibition runs from Saturday 24th to Friday 30th August. Please stop for a while and view our years' efforts - learning about photography and our cameras, and improving our images, all while having fun.

David Purser