Issue 45

August 2013






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Out and About with Painters

After more than 4 months, our group moved back to the newly redecorated convent on April 30.

Our programme has included a visit to Leeds in order to photograph reflections in windows or water from which to make a painting. Recent projects include a photo collage and a self-portrait.

In April, a group of us spent five days in Scotland at Loch Achray. To our surprise, unlike in England, we had beautiful weather, no snow at all except on the mountain tops.

Then a party of us visited Munich in May. It is a lovely, clean city with a very efficient transport system, much good food and great beer. However, it has an interesting history being the place where Hitler set up the National Socialist movement in the 1930s. We saw many Nazi buildings as well as areas that had been restored after heavy Allied bombing raids.

The group meets each Tuesday throughout the year. There are two groups, a morning and an afternoon one. If you are interested in drawing and painting, please phone our group leader, Peter Kearney on 864358 for more information.

Peter Kearney         Esme Paterson