Issue 45

August 2013






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Competition Time

Neil Close who has submitted an entry for most of our competitions was the only entrant in the latest one and so is duly recorded as the winner with the following up-dated proverbs:

1.  A miss is as good as a male.

2.  Two's company, three's more fun.

3.  A bird in the hand is more likely to do the dirty on you.

4.  Better late than dead on time.

5.  Children should be seen and heard - they hold the key to future world tolerance and happiness.

6.  Where there's smoke there's CO2 emissions.

7.  Strike while the....on second thoughts just chillax.

8.  Don't bite the hand that hasn't first been cleaned with anti-bacterial cleanser.

9.  No news is best sourced on Twitter.

10.If at first you don't succeed, join your local Losers Group.

For the next competition (which could be the last unless the number of entries increases), it's story time again.  Write a story of up to 250 words involving a piece of string, a no-entry road sign and a tractor driver.

No prizes except the pleasure of seeing the winner’s efforts in print.

Email entries to or by post to Ken Hulme, 26 Rutland Drive, Harrogate HG1 2NS by 3rd September