Issue 45

August 2013






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Thanks once more to the unstinting help and support of Diana, we have had a good year. She assures us that we are making progress though the Group Leader is not so sure of this as far as I myself am concerned!

We are having a summer break and meet next on Friday 13th of September.

We will be having our table at the AGM so if you are interested, there will be facilities provided if anyone would like to try their hand.

Ruth Ogle

Current Affairs

There is a new leader of this group – Ann Olesqui-Meadus, there also is an appreciative accolade for the previous leader.

"He made a Difference" - David Masterman turned our Current Affairs group around by introducing an interesting programme each year with input by members with subject matters decided by the group and taken in turns. Whoever presents a subject has to do thorough research and present it first, then it is up for discussion. He also introduced chairs in a circle so everyone could feel part of the group and often led a meeting himself. This method works very well and eliminates having the stress to look for speakers. He is leaving after 3 successful years as group leader and has joined the recently started Wetherby U3A, where he resides.

Our loss is their gain and we want to thank him for all his work for our group and wish him all the best for the future

Siggie Mattison

Current Affairs programme

The following programme was put together by the group members present at the last meeting.

Sept;    Bus passes, fuel allowances, TV licence etc should the universal benefit system be overhauled. David will lead the discussion.

Oct     The rights and wrongs on the European Bill on Human Rights. Lee will lead the discussion

Nov    Should some street drugs be de-criminalised

Dec    The Scottish Question The pros and cons. Janet to lead

Other topics suggested were ‘Leaving or staying in Europe’ and, ‘The  Campaign For the Accountability of American Bases’. I will try to get someone to lead us on these.

I would appreciate any feedback

Send an e-mail to  

Ann Olesqui-Meadus

Chess Group

Jack Duckworth is still prepared to run a chess group and teach the game as well. Interested parties should contact him by email

Jack Duckworth


After a slight period of disruption while our usual venue (the Convent on Oatlands Drive ) was closed for refurbishment, we are now happily back in the much improved location. We have a turnout of between 16 and 32 each Thursday afternoon from our membership of about 40, and have a short waiting list. We enjoy our weekly sessions and try not to be too competitive - but eagerly await the results, sent by email, and always feel a sense of satisfaction if we are in the top three pairs.

Sally Wooton