Issue 44

May 2013






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Visit to the European Parliament

The Yorkshire and the Humber Branch of the European Movement organised a visit in February to the European Parliament in Brussels. Several members of Harrogate U3A and a branch in South Yorkshire took part in the visit.

I am sure the attached comments by some members of the group will be of interest.

The following Yorkshire and the Humber MEPs gave presentations; Linda McAvan, Labour; Timothy Kirkhope, Conservative; Edward McMillan- Scott, Liberal Democrat. Dr Richard Corbett who was formerly a Labour MEP for the region and is currently an adviser to the President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy spoke to the group as did Mr Kriton Arsensis who is a Greek MEP. Mr Jan Panek from the Czech Republic, who is head of a Unit in the EU Commission dealing with the internal energy market, came to the hotel to talk about his work.

Les Parkes


From Justin

I found the visit very informative and enjoyable, in particular it was a pleasure to have met three of the Y and H region’s MEPs who gave a Q and A session, also R Corbett


The presentations by three of the Yorkshire MEPs were very informative and prompted interesting questions.

Pat Hewson

It is always good to learn enough so I understand how the Euro Parliament works.  The MEPs were very informative.


Always knew our MEPs were enthusiastic and committed. Just like the Euro Movement for whom they are Patrons.


Good to know that MEPs are real people! It came across that they were doing their best to look after our interests.

Alf and Lynne

Most interested in the work of our MEPs, the structures they work in and the extent of their power It helped us to see their current priorities and the extent of our misconceptions about their roles.

Sue and David

A really interesting visit we learnt about aspects of what our MEPs do that was new to us.

Joan and Liz

Fascinating presentations, how good to meet such a range of interesting people.

Anne and Rus

We very much enjoyed the presentations by the MEPs they were diverse but all showed the same committment to Europe.

Marjorie and David

Really interesting to see the way which our money is being spent in Europe. A truly enthralling visit.

Derek and Barbara Blackwell

Very interesting and informative talks

Margaret and Gordon Darlington

We have enjoyed our visit and learnt a lot about the working of the EU.

Thank you all for the hard work

Nigel and Audrey Copestake

Learnt a lot about how Europe works


We saw the acceptable face of the European commission – it was intelligent committed and extremely personable, all in fluent English – and it was from the Czech Republic   (?)

Susan and Catherine

We were impressed by the speakers from the different parties where there didn’t seem to be any antagonism between them.