Issue 44

May 2013






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How We Communicate with Our Members

This is a reminder that there are four ways in which members can be kept informed of group activities, events and items of general interest.

For urgent notices Brian Graham can issue an email which reaches over 500 of our members.

If you would like something circulated, send Brian an email using the harrogate u3a email address ( and he will then include it in his next set of notes.

More permanent notices and group information can be placed on our web site by Brian Graham and he would like to be informed when changes occur. Send him an email to to add or amend.

Stray Bits is a short newsletter edited by Val Cooke which is distributed at open meetings, posted on the web, and circulated by email. It is not suitable for long articles or communication to all our members.


The last Stray Bits before the AGM will be in June. Please let Val have all information you wish to impart to our U3A members by the 14th June as the Stray Bits following will not be out until October. . Please email Val Cooke on:     alternatively contact by phone on 01423 506837

Stray News is published three times a year normally in August, December and April and circulated by post to all members. It is suitable for longer articles and photographs. Its greater length allows groups to better describe their activities for the benefit of new and existing members. The August issue coincides with the circulation of AGM papers with the updated group listing so is particularly suitable for including more detail about the groups continuing or starting in September.

The deadline for inclusion of items in the August issue is 16 July and they should be sent by email to   or by post to the editor,

Chris Rush, 3 New Row, Birstwith, HG3 2NH

I intend the August issue to be my last and hope a successor is waiting in the wings.

Chris Rush

Editor Stray News