Issue 44

May 2013






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Chairman’s Message

As Chairman, I try to visit as many groups as possible and I continue to be impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of our group leaders.

Also impressive is the  variety of activities that we offer members.

As our membership grows however, it will be important to offer more groups and a still wider variety of activities.

I am confident that amongst our membership there are people who might be willing to start new groups and thereby share an interest that fascinates them and that might fascinate others.

From what I see and hear, I believe that there could be real interest in the following topics:

 Learning a musical instrument

 Wine tasting



No doubt, you can think of many more!

Do let me know if you would like the stimulus and enjoyment that comes from starting a new group activity.

I can assure you that your committee can be very supportive.

May you all enjoy an active U3A summer.

David Davies     Chairman