Issue 44

May 2013






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History of Art – The Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo Buonarroti and Raphael were the principle artists of the High Renaissance. Leonardo travelled to Milan, Rome, Venice, and finally retired in France at the invitation of the French King. Michaelangelo was welcomed into the famous Medici household and there as a young man he assimilated some neo-Platonical and humanistic theories from the Medici tutors. Raphael was the youngest, he had Papal commissions for paintings, and tapestries, and the cartoons he left in Arras (where the tapestries were woven) remained there for years. There Rubens saw them and recommended them to Charles I who bought them, and they are now in the V&A.

So far we have looked mainly at Italian artists.  However, there were cross cultural influences between Italy and the Northern or Flemish towns through  trade and banking.  Northern European painting style grew out of the traditions of stained glass, illumination, and did not have the Classical heritage that was so visible in Italian art.  Some examples of Northern influence were, use of oil paint as a binder, close observation with fine detail, small scale, display of everyday objects in the composition, and using observational rather than mathematical perspective.

The term is now finished, and 17 of us eagerly await our trip to Florence, guided by Brian. In September, we will look at -- “Mannerism to Baroque”

Judy Muscarella

Keep Fit Celebratory Lunch

This Easter the members of the Keep Fit group met for a very pleasant lunch at Le Bistrot Pierre. This was to celebrate TEN YEARS of keeping fit, which we gave up over a delicious meal complemented by a reasonable amount of fluid supplement!  A patio rose was presented to Jo Finnegan - who is our instructor.  We are waiting with reserved eagerness for the summer term to find out what Jo has in store for us!  Each week is never quite the same and she has promised some changes for the next term - in expectation of warmer weather - we do hope for that!  

Look closely at the photograph on page 27 and see if you can spot the intruder. We happily welcomed Peter to join us.

If anyone would like to join the group - please call Val Cooke on 506837 or email her at:

Val Cooke

Lawn Bowls

Unlike most groups we are  only active during the summer months, and this year we start at 10.00am on Wednesday 15th May at Bishop Monkton.

We welcome everybody, including complete beginners, and we will provide the equipment and coaching for just £2.00 a session. Just come along on any Wednesday and we will get you going.

This is social bowling, not serious, and we always have a good laugh, so don't be afraid to give it a go. Believe it or not, last year not one session was cancelled due to the weather!!

Any questions, give David a call on 01423 522820

David Blyfield