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Issue 44

May 2013


Home. Up.


Theatre Group

We have a programme of visits to the theatres in Leeds, York and Harrogate. We attend matinees in Leeds and York and evening performances in Harrogate. Seats have been booked for our current programme and a new programme will be available for the Autumn.

This year our visits have included Northern Ballet’s The Great Gatsby, The Ladykillers and The Mousetrap at Leeds Grand, Alan Aykbourne’s Sugar Daddies and John Godber’s Losing the Plot at Harrogate, Rutherford and Son at The West Yorkshire Playhouse and The Misanthrope at York Theatre Royal.

For further details contact Jean Jayne 01765 602068

Yorkshire Explorers

"The 2013 explorers walking season started with me thinking conditions could not be any worse than the previous year and not being the superstitious type that the 13 in the year couldn't possibly have any significance.

The first walk in January started well but we soon encountered that common hazard the vanishing footpath. Venturing into a field to where we thought the footpath led we were faced by a sea of mud. One of the walkers ventured farther than the rest and the cry of "I’ve lost a boot" was heard. It was never seen again, the boot, that is, not the walker. The walker  was despatched to the nearest main road aboard the farmers quad bike to await a lift home.

The second walk also started well but I counted those present and on realising that there were 13 present made the rather flippant remark that perhaps one should stay behind. Part way into the walk one of the walkers slipped on black ice and although the only injury was to her pride she was despatched along with a companion to the nearest bus stop. I must say the companion was remarkably quick to volunteer. Next time I will keep such remarks to myself.

Bus service cancellations are also adding to the problems and the next walk was one that had to be brought forward while the bus service was still in operation. Apart from that the walk was completed without incident. However I do enjoy the walks (honest) and the rest of the Group keep coming back for more so hopefully conditions will improve."

Richard Stobbs