Issue 44

May 2013






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The Annual Lunch of the Group was consumed with gusto at the Ascot House Hotel Restaurant just a few weeks back, in February. Like many people, the members of the photography group enjoy talking about their passions, interests and “putting the world to rights” with an accompaniment of good food and drink. With the company as congenial as ever this year, we were very soon electing a World President and Minister for Photography (to ensure photographers' rights are not eroded!).  A meal at winter-time is a particularly good idea for twitchy photographers, awaiting the decent weather. After-all, we are not as sprightly, as in previous decades, and there is no point risking a broken leg out on ice covered landscapes …..which, sadly, have continued for a long, long time this year!

But now we have our plans for the year. We are anticipating making visits to Helmsley Gardens, Liverpool and possibly the Yorkshire Sculpture Park during the summer and autumn. We are also continuing our preparations for our summer exhibition at St Peters, in the centre of town.

“Having an annual exhibition”….. whilst it does make us sound  a bit pretentious about our photography, it most definitely is not so!  Although photography is an important part of our spare time, we make no bones about the fact that our aim is to have fun, learning about our hobby and our cameras.

Having an “artistic eye” is an advantage, as is having “techno-savvy” in the digital age of capturing images. However,  at our regular meetings, we have found that, even if you have neither naturally, it does not preclude increasing our talents in this field,  by listening to other members of the group, visiting exhibitions, and by keeping our cameras close-by at all times to capture images, memories and emotions in the press of a shutter release.

Being at the start of the digital age means we can take photographs and view them without expense. Bad shot?..... it doesn’t matter….that is what the “delete” button is for. Take lots more photographs….it costs nothing!

Dates for Diaries:

Coach Trip to Liverpool - Monday, 24th June 2013.

Organised by the Photography Group, in conjunction with Eddie Brown Coaches.

If you are interested in taking up any spare seats, just phone 01423 321246 and ask for Paul, stating it is the “U3A Outing to Liverpool” you are interested in. Seats are £20 (pay by cheque or debit card). All day trip, returning for 5pm approx.

Photography Group 2013 Exhibition, 23rd - 30th August 2013.

St Peter’s Church in the centre of Harrogate.

David Purser (on behalf of the Photography Group Leadership Team; Contact Email:   ; Telephone Number 01423 506430 – answerphone available).

Grateful thanks to our Membership Secretary Eileen Crank who has now handed over her responsibilities to:

Carol Harrington   Tel:  01423 771181   e-mail: