Issue 44

May 2013






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Cycling Group

The first ride took place on Thursday 4th April making use of the new Nidderdale Greenway along the former railway line from Bilton to Ripley which opened on Good Friday.

Seven cyclists with a wide range of abilities - Jean and Phillip, Elizabeth, Allan, Linda, Barbara and Malcolm - met at the ASDA car park on Dragon Parade, and after introductions set off at a gentle pace along the cycle path which follows the Harrogate-York line, over Dragon Bridge and down to Bilton Lane where the Greenway begins.

A few months ago the Greenway was a footpath for just a few hundred yards to the Nidd Viaduct where further public access had for decades been prevented by barriers. Now it is a superb 3.7km Tarmac path to the A61 at Killinghall Bridge, with 'Pegasus' lights (for horse riders as well as pedestrians and cyclists) currently being installed to enable safe crossing of this busy road, linking on the Ripley side with an extension through the field to the village and castle. There are some wonderful views first of distant hills and later of the River Nidd on the approach to Ripley. Also, as some of the riders noted, there is at this time of year a cacophony of birdsong all the better for the absence of traffic.

After we stopped for refreshments at Ripley Tea Rooms Allan continued homewards towards Menwith and the rest of us cycled back on the Greenway to Harrogate. Although there was an Arctic chill despite the sunshine, the path was already being very well used both by other cyclists, including many young children with their parents as well as walkers, horse riders and wheelchair users.

We look forward to many more U3A rides and welcome inquiries from other members. Contact Malcolm. Email:   or tel. 07743 450705

Malcolm Margolis

Healthy Cooking

On the 12 April we held our last session of the year and invited our Chairman David Davies to share our three course meal and the washing up.

We started with fried, flaked salmon with a dressed mixed green salad and diced roasted beetroot. To follow we had rolled turkey fillets stuffed with a black olive, sun dried tomato and spring onion paste and cooked in chicken stock. We served new potatoes, broccoli and green beans with this. To finish we had a flour free honey, orange and almond cake with yoghourt or crème fraîche. The whole menu was of course low or no fat and cooked in the minimum of olive oil.

Chris Rush

Drawing and Painting 3

The group has been having a go at Pointillist painting. It was hoped that a painting 'after Denise Landis' entitled "Desert Sunrise" could have been included on Stray News cover.

Margaret Willan

Unfortunately the photo supplied was at too low a resolution to reproduce well