Issue 43

February 2013






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Armchair Travellers

At our January meeting members enjoyed hearing about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Despite it’s small size there were attractions to visit, including various museums & castles, lovely and varied countryside and the food sounded a big improvement on some of the countries we have “visited”! There are many Michelin starred restaurants but Luxembourg seems to be the alcohol capitol of Europe!

A founder member of the then E.E.C, its inhabitants appear to enjoy a good standard of living. We were surprised to discover that since the 1960s there has been a great influx of Portuguese people, however since the 1970s it has been illegal to conduct surveys into ethnic and religious backgrounds, Therefore there are no official statistics regarding either. Luxembourg has 3 official languages, Luxembourgish, French and German.

At our meeting in February we shall be exploring the West African republic of Liberia.

Barbara Peel


We have had a successful year with a steady membership of 14. In September we welcomed another three members to the group who seem to have settled in well. We all enjoyed the November and December meetings with Diana giving us ideas to make Christmas cards and then putting the ideas into practice.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we have started a waiting list. It is always worth ringing, as members do find they have to drop out for various reasons.

Ruth Ogle

Tel:- 01423 509796

Current Affairs Forum.

The Provisional programme of Topics for the rest of the sessions is given below.

1st March. Global Population Issues  Janet

5th April. What does Freedom of the Press really  mean? Lee

3rd May. The Jewish Community in Harrogate. The  Palestinian Debate (TBA)

7th June What is the future for Adult Social Care (TBA)

5th July Open Forum