Issue 43

February 2013






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Since my last address to our membership in August 2012, we have held our AGM and elected a new committee.

I was delighted to see that people were willing to put themselves
forward for the committee, which provides me with a good mix of talents and friends old and new.

The officers and committee members for the year 2012-2013 are shown on the previous page.

In addition, we continue to enjoy the valuable support of:

Val Cooke Editor,"Stray Bits"

Brian Graham Webmaster

Chris Rush Editor of newsletter, "Stray News"

To all these vital people I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for their willingness to serve Harrogate U3A.They represent that essental "active membership" which is at the heart of the U3A idea.

As Chairman, I continue to take opportunity to visit groups so that I can become better informed of our wide range of member activities and demonstrate my support for those activities and their leaders. I continue to be impressed by the quality of our group leaders and am gratified to find that more of our group members are willing to help their leaders with the necessary support tasks. Such help is invaluable.

On another note, I would like to express my satisfaction at the continued success of our monthly open meetings at which we frequently see over 100 of our members. The succession of very good speakers planned by Roger Wilkins has been at the heart of this success and further, the meetings provide an opportunity for members to meet a wide selection of their fellow members.
 I am able to report that the Yorkshire & Humber Region of U3A, of which Harrogate U3A is a member, is now a fully functioning organisation as instanced by the gathering last August at Askham Bryan. It is planning a Summer School 5-8 August 2013 at Wentworth Castle. (Details available on our Website and in this issue of Stray News). I do hope that I may see a number of you there.

As ever, I remain very willing to hear from members on U3A issues and can be reached on 01423 871673.

Finally, I would like to wish all members a happy New Year and continued enjoyment of our U3A activities.

David W Davies

Chairman, Harrogate U3A.

The Chairman’s Address