Issue 43

February 2013






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Extracts From U3A Signpost

All Computer Users

This forum is provided by 'JG' of South Woodham Ferrers U3A for members to ask questions related to computers, either hardware or software and get assistance from the knowledge and experience of others.

"You do need to be relatively competent to participate, this is not a place for novice users on their first computer to learn how to turn it on, or send an email. This is not a training resource, but a self help group. If you can open files in Windows Explorer, know what the right click menu is for, take regular back ups and have Anti Virus software installed then that is about the right level. If you do not know how to find Windows Explorer, what it is, or what it is for; then you are not ready to participate in here.

However, do not be put off by this, you are not expected to be an expert in everything, or even in anything. So long as you can understand simple explanations and are willing to share your experience then we should all get along fine".

All Groups

Free Documentary films can be downloaded onto a laptop and shown at member meetings or subject group meeting. Many are available in French or Spanish - useful for Language Groups.

"At we strongly believe that in order to have a true democracy, there has to be a free flow of easily accessible information. Unfortunately, many important perspectives, opinions, and facts never make it to our televisions or cinemas (you can watch movies in our media category if you want to know why)".

Please note that owing to problems with the software the download option is not available at present but the films can be watched by streaming.

Around Harrogate