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Issue 43

February 2013


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Group News cont’d

Textile Crafts

For the last few months we've been working on the joint project of a hanging which is to go on the wall of the church hall we use for our meetings. We are now getting close to the finish so I'll report on this later. At the same time, members have been getting on with their own projects including a facsimile in stitch of a piece of porcelain, fabric boxes and needlepoint.

Now, a plea! For a long time now, I've been supporting a charity called Jacob's Well,based in Beverley. Among various projects, they have built and now support a school in Eastern Europe and the pupils are now starting on dress-making. Obviously, they are all very poor and need help so I'm trying to collect fabric and sewing thread to send to them. If any of you has unwanted materials, I'd be glad to hear from you and will take them together with my own collection in late Spring.

I have two places available in the group so ring me if you're interested. We meet monthly on second Friday afternoons.

Julie Clark

Textile Crafts

Writing for Pleasure

We have continued to scribble away happily every month. Several brave souls have entered the latest competition - different words to the ditty Daisy Daisy which,I am ashamed to say,has me completely stumped.

Having been in the writing group for thirteen years, in November I resigned from the group as I wanted to resurrect The Family History Group (not genealogy ). So I gave them a choice, either someone else took over and they continued as they are or they could join the new group or even do both.

The majority are willing to give the new format a go. Although I would like people to write the story of their lives, I am quite happy if they give a take on a specific period. Another idea would be to compare the difference in a profession today against what it was like years ago. e.g nursing. In other words Social history.

We shall probably change our name next year. One suggestion is Chronicles, but we shall discuss this at our January meeting.

Julie Eldridge Group Leader.