Issue 43

February 2013






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Group News cont’d

Drawing & Painting (3)

Held at Mowbray Community Church, Westmoreland St. HG3 5AT -Tuesdays

Just a short note to let you all know that we now begin the group at 1.30pm in order to help those who have limited bus service and also those involved with other groups on Tuesday mornings. We began on Tuesday 13 November with the new timing.

Last term finished on 11 December as the the next week was thought to have been too close to Christmas.

Margaret Willan

Reading for Pleasure

We have had another very successful year and reached our 20th in October. Are we the longest running group?

We have read a selection of books, and anyone who is interested in knowing which books we have read during the last year, please get in touch with me.

David Davies visited us in October when we read “Life of Pi”. He also read it and was able to join in the discussion. I am going to see the film and am hoping that the film does stick to the story in the book which I found fascinating.

I am now able to reveal which was our most popular book last year, and it was “The Help” by Kathleen Stockett. Our second choice was “The various haunts of men” by Susan Hill.

Our next book, which will be in February will be “Black Diamond” by Catherine Bailey.

There are now 14 members in this reading group, and I feel that in fairness to the existing members, that it would be unfair to invite anyone else to join the group.

I hope that there is someone out there who would like to start another one, and I would be only too pleased to give them the benefit of my experience.

Jill Pullman


Tai Chi

I am delighted that we have sailed into the new year with enthusiasm and are all looking forward to improving our 'Form'.  There is room for a few more people if you would like to try this excellent activity. Breffni Groome keeps us balancing and breathing, and hopefully remembering the 'form'. An added incentive is the Chinese New Year at the beginning of February when we join others for a banquet. Contact for more information by  email:  .

Val Cooke