Issue 43

February 2013






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Group News cont’d

Keep Fit

After a break over Christmas and New Year we are back swinging into 2013 - trying to combat our indulgent overeating during the festive season! We are really enjoying our second term with Jo Finnegan who certainly keeps us up to the mark - and there is no time to think we can't do it. We can!

If you are interested in joining Keep Fit we can squeeze a little one in. Contact me by email here:

Val Cooke

Jo, our elegant, tall, ballerina-like instructress teaches us aerobic movements to the rhythm of quick music helping to exercise every inch of our body as well as it is excellent for our coordination.

A soft ball is also used for hands and arms, as well as weights and wide, long rubber bands in various strengths for upper and lower body exercises. She is aware of any injuries and gives very good advice.

In addition she engages our brains as she often demonstrates exercises involving parts of the body moving in opposite directions at the same time to  the beat of the music.

We all benefit greatly from these exercises and the result is a real

feel good factor.

A member of the group reported that her doctor attributed  her lowered blood pressure and generally improving health to our exercises.

Thank you Jo for putting us through the paces and thank you Val for finding "our" treasure!

Siggie Mattison

Modern History

The Group has had a successful autumn period with over 20 members taking the "UK History 1945-1997" course.

We launched a short module entitled "The Great War-Myths and Heroes" in Jan 2013 with 40 members booked.

It is hoped to repeat both of the above topics in the 2013-2014 period and details will be available at the Open Day in September 2013.

David Davies


During our Autumn term we undertook a number of different topics using a variety of techniques.

For two weeks in September we had an exhibition of our work at the library, changing the exhibits between the weeks.

We then tried a technique using erasers as a drawing tool, followed by a mixed media landscape with a building or a harbour.  Then it was a four week drawing course.  The last day of term was a social occasion with drinks, nibbles and an art game.

Unfortunately, due to renovations, we are unable to use the convent room in January, maybe longer, but we will have our annual Xmas lunch at Ascot House and plan to meet socially during the month.

The group meets each Tuesday throughout the year.  There are two groups, a morning and an afternoon one.  If you are interested in drawing and painting,contact our group leader, Peter Kearney via   for more information.

Esme Paterson

Peter Kearney