Issue 43

February 2013






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Competition Time

Eight members entered our competition to write a different set of words to the song Daisy, Daisy.  Many thanks to winner Neil Close for:

Dearest Mary

I’d like to tell you why

I was wary

Last week when you said goodbye.

‘Cos we’d had a damn good innings

And now big lottery winnings

Are due my way,

What’s that you say

You’re back ‘cos I’m your kind of guy.

We liked also Dorothy Galtry’s “Retirement – if only!

Let’s be lazy, sit on the sofa, do

Pass the chocolates – and the sudoku too

The crossword’s still not finished

Our brain power is diminished

We’ll have a rest then do our best

With a nice G&T or two.

Kath Denny came up with a message for tv cooks:

Jamie! Jamie! Pass me a hanky do!

I’m so weepy, and it’s all because of you!

Am trying to cook a dinner. Your recipe’s a winner

But my eyes smart each time I start

Chopping onions for the stew!

Other entries came from Marion Green, Val Cooke, Mrs K Armitage, Brian Hey and Nora Collinson

And now, this is a haiku:

Competition time

Is when we seek to compose

The winning entry

It’s a Japanese verse form which has 17 syllables, five in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third.  The challenge is to write as many haikus as you like on interesting subjects.  No prizes except the pleasure of seeing the winners’ pieces in print.

Entries to by 31st  March.