Issue 43

February 2013






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Group News cont’d

German Language Group annual trip in 2012

18 members of the group departed from Leeds/Bradford direct to Berlin-Schönefeld and stayed 5 nights from the 9th to 14th Sep, in “The Best Western” hotel, not far from Alexander Platz.

Every day we split up into several small groups and visited the numerous places of interest.

Due to the recent history, from the Weimarer Republic, via the Nazi era, the socialist DDR times, and the unification there are many places of interest to be visited. For the last 22 years, a lot of rebuilding has been undertaken, to restore the formerly neglected parts in the eastern part of the city.

Apart from the museums and buildings of interest to visit, there is still, even after unification, surprisingly much building work going on. The routing of the former “Berlin Wall”, is today hardly traceable. It’s marked for miles, by a line of brownish cobble stones, all the way where the wall used to be.

To name only a few places of interest, worth while visiting, apart from going on a City Tour :

  The new Reichstag with it’s glass dome; Check Point Charlie Museum; the Gedenkstätte “Bernauer-Strasse”; the “DDR-Museum”; plus many other historical buildings, shops and parks.

A good time was had by all and we look forward to visit another German city in 2013.


“Berlin ist eine Reise wert”

Healthy Eating

Group members prepared and consumed their 3 course healthy lunches each month up to Christmas. Each dish is a cooperative effort with minions slaving to prepare the ingredients under the watchful eye of the management. Meals usually cost about £4 pp and being appetising and sustaining leave us with that smug healthy feeling.

Christmas lunch was foregone in preference to a New Year meal at the Mangos vegetarian restaurant in Wetherby, where a succession of tasty (healthy) dishes were served, straight from the open kitchen, to the table.

 We all look forward in anticipation of the culinary delights in months ahead.

Brian Graham