Issue 42

August 2012






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New Starts or Proposed Groups


Are any U3A members interested in joining a Badminton Group?

It is envisaged that membership of the group will be open to beginners and experienced players of whatever level of ability, though of course a reasonable level of fitness is required.

I will be seeking to organise a single two-hour daytime session per week from September this year to the following May. I am presently considering a couple of likely local venues but with a careful eye on cost.

I am looking initially to recruit between 12 - 15 people, if there is that number of people that are interested. I would be interested in receiving suggestions about suitable possible venues so that if necessary I can check these out.

Before progressing further, I need to know the level of interest in this proposal. I would be grateful if interested parties would contact me initially by e-mail     to register their interest in joining the group. I will respond to individuals as soon as I can.

I have played badminton for several years (only ever as an enthusiastic amateur) and am presently a member of a local club. Some time ago, it occurred to me that some U3A members might be interested in joining a U3A Badminton Group. Initial soundings taken from a few U3A friends were encouraging hence this proposal.

Alan Foster

UK Modern History

Autumn this year will see a repeat of the popular course “UK History 1945-1997”

The course will focus on:

UK and the World in 1945

Austerity Years 1945-1951

Years of Recovery 1951-1964

Office but not Power 1964-1979

The Slaying of Dragons 1979-1990

The Grey Years 1990-1997

  The Autumn course will be offered on Mondays, 1400-1600 for seven weeks beginning 8 Oct 2012 and ending 19 November 2012.

Location will be Harrogate  Baptist Church, Victoria Avenue.

A new, short course is to be offered to members in January 2013 entitled

“The Great War-- Myths & Heroes”

The course will focus on:

Myths & Misunderstandings

Origins—War out of a clear sky?

British War Strategy

The Western Front

The End of the Struggle.

Contact   for further details.

If anyone is considering starting a group for showing films the following may be of assistance.

“I run a film group at Ilkley U3A and am also national subject adviser for film. I don't believe you have a film group already, but, as I had over 120 applicants to mine last year, it's something for which there is obviously a big demand. I am happy to talk to anyone in your U3A who may be willing to set up a group and to give whatever help I can, including lending DVD's if required. My email address is if anyone would like a chat.”

Mike Johnson

More detail can be found in the members area on the National U3A web site under “Subject advice”.

Film Group Anybody?