Issue 42

August 2012






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I didn’t stand a chance (did I ?)

Justin sat on the park bench, his eyes closed. He was neither asleep nor trying to rest just shutting out his surroundings so that he could think about the events of the last few days. He felt something hit his leg which brought him quickly back to the present moment. He cocked one eye open and looked around. He saw a small stone on the ground in front of him and then noticed a girl sitting on the bench on the opposite side of the footpath. She was grinning at him. She was quite a pretty young girl, blonde haired, scantily dressed and wearing thick make-up, her nails painted in rainbow colours. He guessed she must have been at a party. She rocked forward and back as she looked at him giggling all the time.

“What did you do that for?” he asked.

“You looked like you were about to fall off your bench,” she laughed, “I’ve been watching the expressions on your face. You must have been dreaming or thinking of something very exciting.”

“Oh just the usual stuff. Guys, girls, beer and fast cars. What do you think about when you come to sit out here?”

She laughed again. A hearty laugh you could almost feel. “Girls, guys, beer and fast cars.” They both laughed.

“What’s your name pretty boy?” she smirked

“Justin” he declared proudly, “and what do you call yourself?”

“Cheryl,” she pouted, pushing her lips forward in a provocative manner.

“I haven’t seen you here before have I?” Justin gave her a serious look. “I surely couldn’t have missed a good looking girl like you.”

“I just arrived today. Is that a chat up line?” She gave him a wry smile.

Justin nearly fell off the bench as he shook with mirth. “Hardly.” he said pointedly. Inwardly he was thinking that he never had been able to resist a pretty blonde so he crossed over the path and sat beside her. Soon they were deeply engrossed in conversation as befitted a gregarious young man and a young girl flirting for all her worth.

“Look,” she pointed towards the horizon, “daylight’s breaking, “time to be getting back.”

“I’ll walk back with you,” Justin said, taking her hand in his. She didn’t object.

They walked along the path by the lake and through the gates to the cemetery that bordered its northern edge. Cheryl suddenly stopped. “Do you see that silly winged golden cherub over there. I cannot believe they put that on my grave”

Justin asked her “What happened to you?”

She looked him in the eye and spoke softly “I got completely drunk, totally wiped out and fell from a 6th floor balcony. Didn’t stand a chance. What’s your story?”

Got high on drink and drugs, took a fast car to impress the girls. A tree got in the way. Didn’t stand a chance.

I’m down there on the right”

Brian Hey