Issue 42

August 2012






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Competition Time

Eight members entered our Write A Short Story of exactly 50 words competition, with one of the eight submitting two stories.  That's sufficiently encouraging to run another one.  Many thanks to Ruth Alexander, Jeanette Grant, Marion Green, Irene Thompson, Ron Williamson, Julie Eldridge for The Dog Didn't Bark (3rd place), Kath Denny for Mission Accomplished (2nd place) for their stories.  The winner was Brian Hey:

An Apparition Apparently.

I saw before me long deep grooves, irregularly shaped, some harbouring dark dry materials, others a greasy looking substance.  Between them one could see here and there small mounds sprouting tufts of dark spikes.  Pale, cold, drawn and certainly not a pretty face.  Was it really me in the mirror?

Mission Accomplished.

Beryl stopped and looked apprehensively about.  No one was watching!  Could she really do this?  Was it a suitable place?  She must act quickly.  With trembling hands she nervously started her task.  Finally it was over.  She sighed with relief.  At last she had mastered the art of reverse parking!

The Dog Didn't Bark.

I had an intruder.  Heart racing, mouth dry.  Do I creep round, baseball bat in hand, or charge from room to room.  I chose the latter.  The noise stopped. I was alone.

With a sudden gust of wind, the bathroom extractor fan went crazy.  That's why the dog didn't bark.

And now, you must remember the song Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do.   The challenge is to write a different set of words to the tune. No prizes except the pleasure of seeing the winners' pieces in print.

Entries to   or by post to Ken Hulme, 26, Rutland Drive, Harrogate HG1 2NS. by 30th September