Issue 42

August 2012






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Naturalists Holiday

27 people set out for Anglesey to start the adventure .Some arrived at Conwy Nature Reserve, lots of birds and a lovely bank of Bee Orchids while others from the group called at the National Trust Gardens at Bodnant en route to Cemaes where we were staying on the north coast of Anglesey.

The second day saw us at South Stack R.S.P.B. Reserve on a beautiful morning. The more lively members climbed the steep hill to look for the very rare spotted rock rose ; others went down some of the hundreds of steps that lead to the Light House to see Puffins and Choughs .We then visited Cemlyn Bay with nesting Terns.

The third day was spent bog trotting on the Cors Erddreiniog Fen Nature Reserve. There were many different habitats and 11 different species of orchids.

The fourth day we travelled to Newborough Warren, and after walking through a stretch of forest we arrived at the beach where we examined  some very old and interesting rocks and Anne gave us a talk on pillow lavas and how they were formed. We then walked over a slightly raised beach on to the island of Llanddwyn. This was a wonderful place with carpets of creamy burnet rose covered with dozens of Burnet moths. We had our picnic watching ravens on the cliffs and choughs. At the far end of the island were strange rock formations; so interesting.

The whole four days were spent in glorious sunshine and it didn’t start raining until the next day, when we were coming home anyway.

All in all, a great holiday.

Diane Simpson

Rare Spotted Rock Rose
Examining Rock on Llandwyn Island
Cliffs at South Stack
Lesser Butterfly Orchid
Pyramidical Orchid