Issue 42

August 2012




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Table Tennis

Play table tennis this autumn.

The U3A Table Tennis Group will resume play on October 1 and, if interested, now is a good time to get your name down.

The group, which plays each Tuesday afternoon from 2 to 4pm at Bishop Monkton Village Hall during the autumn and winter months, currently has a few vacancies (which is rare!)

The group would be pleased to welcome beginners, those returning to the game after a long lapse, or more experienced players, to join existing members.

Bishop Monkton Table Tennis Club also included a thriving  Ripon U3A Table Tennis Group - so, later on there may be a Harrogate v Ripon U3A match!

Applications please to Richard Field, Little Orchard House, Boroughbridge Road, Bishop Monkton, Harrogate HG3 3QN or e-mail:  .

Tai Chi

Tai Chi runs for a ten week term and is geared for the older person being designed to keep the brain active and help balance and co-ordination. These are internationally recognised benefits from Tai Chi. Our instructor is Breffni Groome, well trained in the art of Tai Chi.

The course takes place on Thursdays from 3.30pm and lasts an hour. It is held at the Jennyfield Styan Centre which is a spacious and light hall. It is advisable to either wear thin soled shoes or just socks in order to be able to 'feel' the floor. Additionally as it is a slow form of Tai Chi, layers are recommended. A one off session costs £5.00. The termly cost is then adjusted accordingly. The term starts on Thursday, 20th September which is the day before the AGM.

More information is available from

Val Cooke

Textile Crafts

The Group is still continuing with the project I wrote about last time – Goldwork. Members are getting on well with this but it isn’t a quick technique so will last us quite a time. However, as we don’t break in the summer, I hope we shall be able to show some examples of it at the AGM.

I have another project in  mind for the latter part of the year and wonder if any members can help. Don’t panic – not with sewing!

We need long lengths of silk, dupion silk, ribbon or cord in white, turquoise, blue, rose pink and jade green. Also lengths of rope, thick string and flex ( the sort you get on irons). Also, pipe cleaners – unused.

If anyone can help, please ring me or bring things to our AGM. I expect you wonder what these are for but I’m keeping it a secret!

I now have some vacancies in the group so if anyone is interested see me at the AGM.

Julie Clark

Group Leader

Theatre Group

We have visited evening performances at the Harrogate theatres and matinees at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds Grand and York Theatre Royal. Our most popular event was to hear the Fox family present an evening of Saints and Sinners. Our programme throughout the year has included ballets, Shakespearean productions and both light and serious drama. Performances for our Autumn programme have been booked however, there will be a new programme for the Spring. If you would like details of this email  

Jean Jayne

Writing for Pleasure

During the year our number has swollen to 15 which I'm afraid leaves no room for any additions.

Three of us obtained Gold,Silver and Bronze in the 50 word story competition and at the last meeting we burst into song to the tune of 'Daisy Daisy' this being our next challenge to compose different words to this age old ditty.

Last month a member set the homework to incorporate the following..... soft and furry, white and fluffy, hard brittle and shiny. This stretched us to the limit. However there were some very imaginative and differing results of which one or two may well end up in this publication. Pam where on earth did you get that idea from!!

Julie Eldridge

Group Leader