Issue 42

August 2012






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On the last weekend in March several of our members visited Paris.  All agreed it was an excellent trip and thank Brian Graham for organising it.

Our programme in March and April was of  ‘flower still lives’, then landscapes ‘Looking Beyond the Obvious’ in mixed media.  Both expressed in abstract form.

One very wet day in May we attempted, unsuccessfully, to sketch in Montpellier Gardens, then worked on street scenes for three weeks.

In June we valiantly set out to sketch at Brimham Rocks and, weather-wise, were partially successful.

On July 3 we visited Liverpool to see exhibitions at the Walker Gallery and the Albert Docks.

As Peter will be away in August we are free to pursue our own topics except for August 14 when we will have a workshop with a guest artist, Colin Swinton.

The group meets each Tuesday throughout the year. There are two groups, a morning and an afternoon one.

                                                               Esme Paterson

Peter Kearney

Philosophy Group

Over the past academic year we have looked at the work of Thomas Hobbs  [1588 – 1679] followed by John Locke [1632 – 1704], David Hume [1711 – 76] and then finished with the Utilitarians, first Jeremy Bentham [1748 – 1832], followed by  John Stewart Mill [1806 –73]. These were all British Philosophers whose ideas influenced British and in fact European society the effects of which we benefit today. We also fitted in a brief look at the French philosopher Rene Descartes [1596 – 1650] whose work did not influence British society much, if at all, except in that both Hobbs and Locke were impressed with it and that may have influenced their own ideas. We had ethical discussions in November on ‘Is cannibalism always wrong’ and on in April on the topic of ‘Who should be responsible for Juveniles, the parents or the state?’

At the May meeting I advised the group that I would be stepping down as leader at the end of the academic year and so it would need a new leader. I have had over ten enjoyable years running the Philosophy groups and feel that I have learned a great deal. Unfortunately however, at the June meeting nobody was willing to take over running the group and so it has closed.

David Broadley

Photography Group

Harrogate U3A Photography Group continues to thrive with contributions from many members of the Group.

Our Meetings are usually held each month, apart from December, at St. Robert’s Centre, on the 4th Monday at 2 p.m. We also avoid having our meetings on bank holidays, so for example, August this year – we are meeting on the 3rd Monday (20th). If you wish to come along to see the photography group activities for the first time, telephone one of the Leadership to check details.

Members are encouraged to have fun using their cameras and learning about photography. We exhibit prints or send electronic images for viewing on screen at our Meetings, in what we consider is a most friendly atmosphere. This year, car outings, arranged by Jean, Diana, and Dorothy, to Brodsworth Hall & Gardens and Cusworth; the Himalayan Garden at Grewelthorpe, were enjoyed by several members.   Richard has also expertly led “photographic location” walks around Ripon, York, Harrogate, and Knaresborough, with members having technical tip exchanges mixed with exercise, and pit-stops at various cafeterias!

The Group will be exhibiting prints and electronic images on laptop at the U3A Regional Celebration at Askham Bryan on 15th August 2012.    Our Annual Exhibition is to be held 3rd to 15th September 2012 at Harrogate Library.

Future planned activities include a car trip to Helmsley; a bus trip to Leeds Carnival; and the Annual Lunch early next year.

We are grateful that many members continue to volunteer help, making the group a continuing success, building on the previous achievements of others.

Eileen Crank

David Purser