Issue 42

August 2012






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Italian Conversation

Ciao a tutti from the Italian Conversation Class! We certainly enjoy ourselves in our Italian Circle. Every July just before we adjourn for the Summer break we get together in an Italian restaurant for an evening of lively conversation(mostly in Italian!),good food and wine and excellent company. Definitely a touch of the Dolce Vita!

Without wishing to sound like something out of Trip Advisor we all think L'Albero Delle Noci is the perfect venue. There was a lovely ambience in the restaurant and in spite of all the gloom and dire weather about we had a wonderful evening. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd October at 5pm. Arrivederci!


Mike Streeton

Keep Fit

The summer term ended on 17th July, but those who were free went out on the 24th July for a jolly meal at Vivido. It seems a long time until we start again in the Autumn.

The new term will start on Tuesday 11th September which will get us all going again after the long summer holiday break. It is taken by Sandra who is a professional trainer, and it is therefore more costly than most other groups. New members are welcome to join at any time but of course the beginning of term is best. A trial session is £3.00. It is normal to pay up for the term after that with the cost being adjusted accordingly. Trainers for footwear and layers are recommended. Water is provided.

Keep Fit takes place on a Tuesday at 2pm in the Jennyfield Styan Hall. Please contact me   for more information.

Val Cooke

Looking at Churches Annual Visit

The visit this year was to Saint Mary and All Saints Parish Church in Whalley and Stonyhurst College.

On arrival at Whalley we were given a very interesting and comprehensive tour of the Church which dates from the 13th century and is a grade 1 listed building. One of the most notable features are the choir stalls in the chancel. These were carved for Whalley Abbey in about 1430 and were brought to the church after the dissolution of the monasteries .Three of the misericords have inscriptions one in Latin, one in Norman French and one in Early English. The carvings tell stories from everyday life,often  with a moral message rather than depicting religious subjects. The Lady Chapel dates from the 14th century. The window “Mary and the Infant Jesus” was designed by Pugin and “Christ the Good Shepherd” by  Burne-Jones and William Morris. In the churchyard are three stone Saxon crosses which date from the tenth century.

After a delicious lunch in The Priory we travelled to Stonyhurst College where we were given a tour of the College. The school started at Saint Omer in 1593 when a College was founded by the Jesuits for English boys unable to receive a Catholic education in Elizabethan England. After moves to Bruges and Liège a new home was found at Stonyhurst Hall near Clitheroe. The Library houses many valuable relics relating to the history of the College and of Catholicism in Europe since the middle Ages. The Collections include many rare books such as a copy of  Shakespeare’s First Folio and the Assertion of the Seven Sacraments by Henry VIII. There is a Book of Hours which belonged to Mary Queen of Scots and a hat which belonged to Saint Thomas More. There are also many sets of historical vestments dating from the medieval period to the nineteenth century. One of the most valuable relics which has been kept at Stonyhurst for 200 years is a thorn from Jesus crown with Mary Queen of Scot’s pearls entwined round it.

Our thanks go to Patrick and Michael for their enthusiasm and for teaching us so much during the year.

                                                                                                                                      Ruth Townrow