Issue 42

August 2012






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Discontinued Groups

Craft Group

Quite a long time ago I put a note in Stray News, on the open meeting notice board and David announced it at an Open Meeting about the proposed craft group which I was prepared to lead.

Due to the lack of response, only five, and unable to find a suitable venue, I have decided not to pursue this.

I am very busy and the only time I would have been able to run it would have been at the weekend which may have been the problem. But I have such a busy week and as other groups fill the week it did seem to be an ideal solution, but perhaps not.

Thank you to all the  committee, group leaders and helpers who put a great deal of unpaid time, energy and expertise into making the organisation a fantastic success.

Jenny  Stacey

Modern Technology

The Modern Technology short series of meetings, finished in 2011 but it was kept open in case there was further interest. I put a note into the March 2012 Stray News in which I suggested that members contact me if they were interested in having further meetings. This went out to all 850 members and there was no response. Clearly there is insufficient interest in further meetings.

Brian Graham

Sketching on Location

I only received three expressions of interest which I felt was insufficient and, of these three two were not members of U3A.

Harry Lewis


Striders Walking Group

From September Ivan Peel is handing over the leadership to Margaret Evison. Ivan who took over the leadership from Daphne Fisher has put in much hard work over many years for which we thank him.

Family History

Eveline Jackson is no longer the contact for this group.