Issue 41

March 2012






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I think I must be getting old
Things don’t work as they should
Am I really so decrepit?
My mind used to be so good
I get into a tiswas when I cannot find my key
I search the house in every nook
But the damn thing won’t appear
It’s getting into a habit
Things simply disappear
Then just when I have given up
Declare the search in vain
I find it in my pocket
It’s my memory again.
Oh damn and bother, blast and hell
Is it really any wonder?
I play a losing game
It’s alright for the young ones
They haven’t got a clue
They dance all night and work all day
Just like I used to do
Now when I get up in the morning
It takes me all my time
To wash and dress and brush my hair
And give my shoes a shine
I feel as if I’m cracking up
My energies caput
I’d love to go out hiking
But I’ve got a gammy foot
Yes, getting olds a funny thing
You long to stop the clock
Return to days when times were good
When I wore a mini frock
Imagine that, it’s hard I know
But I have had my time
I’ve cycled in the country
My figure looked just fine
It isn’t fair, this growing old
It catches unawares
Your joints start getting creaky
You’re always feeling cold
Yet there are compensations
It isn’t all downhill
You can please yourself in what you do
Now isn’t that a thrill
A cosy room a blazing fire
The telly close at hand
A little sip of sherry
Makes you feel so grand
It isn’t worth the hassle
You can’t hold back the years
Live out each day as best you can
Forget about your fears
I know I’m pretty ancient
It’s obvious to all
But inside all the wrinkly bits
I don’t feel old at all
Inside I’m still a youngster
With all my life ahead
I dream of all the things I’d do
If I were young, instead
Of being in my dotage
A vintage OAP
Still I can sing and write a bit
So it’s not too bad being me.

Ruth Alexander 30th December 2011