Issue 41

March 2012






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Modern Technology

The Group ran as a series of meeting in 2011. Presentation notes can be accessed via the website.

Currently, the group is dormant. It could be restarted if new topics are suggested or as a repeat exercise. email me with your ideas.

Last year, members presented everyday topics such as

-Blogging - and we had a blog but its not our scene

-Digital TV - we were ready for the changeover

-HD TV - ready or full but your new digital recorder needs renewing.

- Mobile phone Use - now UK catches up with Africa with money transfer.

- Facebook- so intrusive and we don't want it ; but you have an account to keep up with what your neighbour or your children are doing.

-Twitter- tell the world what you are doing ; essential for ego, organising a party, a flash mob or a riot.

- IPod and MP3 players - shut out the world but where does the music come from?

- Ebay- the best recycling tool ever- and the biggest shop window.

- Bluetooth - move your pictures from your mobile to computer; send a wireless message to the next table or down to the servants; essential for delivery men.

- YouTube - watch your favourite video clips; send your family videos round the world. We don't need it but we have an account to show you our group meeting at (search Harrogate U3A)

- Emails away from home - yahoo, gmail, hotmail, IMAG etc. No more getting away from it all.

- Kindle - download and carry 100's of books in your pocket - but Kindle won't read library eBooks (yes eBooks are available from your library to your computer  - FREE)

- iPhone and Smart phones - Email, Apps and Android. Not sure that we need the spirit level but the satnav helps us to find our way home.

- Skype- great for free video chat; "grandad you do look old."

- Digital Cameras -choose a camera then, swamp yourself in photos

- IPAD - can't afford one -  but top of my looting list.

Brian Graham

Is your head in the clouds?

Jill Pullman’s is. I was about to include an item on web storage and sharing when I received a document from Jill using Microsofts Skydrive. Apple users will already be familiar with the iCloud but Microsoft and Google also have similar web facilities partially free. It is possible to store documents, photos etc in your private space and you can also share with others either public or by providing a link. A description can be found at You can search there for a Google docs and Word Web App comparison.

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and similar social networking sites are also cloud based in other words on remote servers.

Chris Rush