Issue  41

March 2012




Chairman                                  David Davies

Vice Chairman                         David Smithson

Secretary                                  Ruth Townrow

Membership Secretary          Pam Gilling

Treasurer                                  Margaret Marks





Deadline for contributions: JULY 17, 2012

planned publication month AUGUST 2012

Send contributions to:

Chris Rush

Editor, Stray News   

By email to    (if possible, as text or RTF email attachments)

All other enquiries should be addressed to:

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Group Coordinator           Barbara Davy

Publicity                               David Masterman

Programme Secretary     Roger Wilkins

Committee members        Michael Moryson

Pauline Nolan

Lee Parkes

Barbara Peel

Carolyn  Watson

Unless otherwise shown address all enquiries to Harrogate U3A by email at


Please note that most email addresses on this site are protected to avoid abuse by spammers. You will need a JavaScript enabled browser to see the email addresses.


Well over 100 members did not renew their subscriptions this year. However, our numbers remain fairly constant at 840 since over 100 new members have joined us. We welcome them and hope they are enjoying some of the many activities open to them.

We are now able to send ‘U3A News’ updates to well over half of our members by email.  However, many of the messages have been returned to us because of their incorrect addresses.  I have checked many of them on the subscription forms and find that I have read them incorrectly or the member has changed his address.

So please remember to let me know (by email) if you now have an email address or have changed it since sending me your subscription form.

If you have not been receiving emails, from Harrogate U3A and would like to be on the circulation list please contact Brian Graham by email at

Pam Gilling