Issue 41

March 2012






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A Story in a Hundred Words

In the lecture hall of the 'Buckinghamshire Academy for Young Ladies', the speaker, known to his public as Charles Kingston Plantagenet Pomeroy (but known to his mother as Charlie Simpson) was delivering a long and boring lecture entitled "How to write a successful historical Novel."

He ended with the words…………  ‘whilst not forgetting brevity ladies, you must include the four essentials: - Religion; Aristocracy; Sex; and Mystery.’

In a matter of minutes, Speedy Susan, late for an anticipated steamy assignation, handed in the following:-

‘Oh my God’ said the Duchess, ‘I think I am pregnant, I wonder who done it?’

Ron Williamson

Competition Time

Write a short story of exactly 50 words. Words used in any title do not count in the total.

To keep you out of mischief on a Spring afternoon enter our competition. No prizes except the pleasure of seeing the winners' pieces in print.

Entries to   .  CLOSING DATE 30TH APRIL.  Given sufficient support Competition Time could become a regular feature of Stray News.

Mid-Winter Fire by Eileen Crank