Issue 41

March 2012

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Textile  Crafts

After doing some card-making at our December meeting, we started the New Year by finishing  previous  projects and preparing for a new one.

This is concerned with goldwork - an embroidery technique some centuries old. The high point of English goldwork was in the fourteenth century when Opus Anglicanum was sought all over Europe and there was a further flowering of the work in the Elizabethan age. In the last fifty years, it has revived in popularity and we’re lucky in having modern work of high quality to inspire us.

Although it’s called goldwork, most of the gilding is artificial and is done to produce various types of thread: “rococo” is a zigzag thread, “purl” is hollow and “twist” speaks for itself. The group is starting with a small, floral design which will give the opportunity to use different threads and techniques.

We are having a mini-exhibition at the Open Meeting on March 23 rd and hope to show work in progress.

Julie Clark


Indirectly I have been supplied with a list of contacts at Leeds University who may well be willing to give talks in this field.

Is anyone out there interested in reforming the group ?

Sheena Pawson