Issue 41

March 2012

Home. Up.

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Craft Group
Jenny Stacey is keen to get the Harrogate U3A Craft Group up and running.
She is a qualified and experienced tutor retired from working in further education. She currently runs a craft class in Huby and helps to run the Leeds U3A craft club and is also a public speaker.  But she does need someone to help look for a venue, take care of the money, refreshments etc.
Her idea is that the class could meet on a Saturday morning, once a month and she would do some crafting and encourage members to lead some classes.
This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to have a skilled leader who needs some assistance as she lives in Huby.
Hopefully some of those who did papercraft before will be interested.  She is a paper crafter--and the group would make cards in different techniques including - tea-bag folding, iris cards, quilling, seasonal ones, mens and ladies cards, boxes, paper flowers, crackers and Christmas decorations.
If anyone is interested in joining the class and/or can help with admin - email:
Dolls’ Houses
Reading an article in this month’s Saga Magazine about the U3A I saw that in West Wiltshire there is a Dolls’ House Miniatures group. This set me thinking as  I have several Dolls’ Houses and wondered if any other U3A members are into this hobby – if so would you like to meet up on a regular basis – not sure what we would do at this stage but if anyone is interested please contact  

Jean Tweddle
Musical Appreciation
This potential new group has had a delay.  John Roho is not able to start this group at present.  Hopefully problems will be solved soon.
Upholstery and Furniture Restoration
This is a very exciting new venture.  At present Andrew is searching for suitable premises so if anyone has a good idea please let him know.  Also if you are interested to join this group -  email Andrew Middlemiss at

Proposed Groups