Issue 41

March 2012

Home. Up.

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Keep Fit

This group is continuing very happily and is really full, but if you are thinking of joining us at Jennyfield on a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm please  email: .   The class is taken by Sandra - our instructor for the last four and a half years, who is experienced in exercise and aerobics for the more mature person!  We work on a termly basis and plan to celebrate together with a lunch during the Easter holidays.  The provisional start of the Summer term will be 24th April.

Val Cooke

Looking at Churches – date changes

The next meeting will be on: 28th February, followed by - 13th March and 27th March and finally 3rd April.  Contact   for more information.

Mahjong Group

Because of decreasing numbers in the more experienced group, I decided to amalgamate the two groups which has proved very successful.

The Beginners' Group are now in the realms of being experienced so I have introduced the members to Special Hands.  While these do tend to slow down the play, it gives the mind more to think about and is proving to be quite enjoyable. I have some new members who are complete beginners but they are picking up the game quite quickly.

Unfortunately I have no room for more new members at the moment but I will open a Waiting List if necessary. Numbers do fluctuate, especially during the summer months so I could be ringing new members in the near future.

The Mahjong Group meets at 2, Grayson House, Beech Grove, Harrogate at 2.00pm every other Wednesday.  The meetings in March will be on 7th and 21st.

Celia Hall

Painting & Drawing 3

The group is up and running again in the new facilities at Mowbray Community Church - Tuesday afternoon, 1-4pm. We love it's space and warmth.

Ripon U3A's beginning saw one faithful member transfer, but we have welcomed a good number of new participants. We are blessed with people with ideas and keep each other on our toes as we tackle various projects.

There is a general appreciation for our time together and we enjoy the banter as well as the opportunity to draw and paint.

Margaret Willan