Issue 41

March 2012



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Editor’s Notes

I took over the editorship of Stray News from Maurice Line in Spring 2007 for Issue 25. I tried to introduce some changes to improve readability and interest and recently allowed myself to be convinced that an A5 format was acceptable. Mainly because it allowed me to introduce some colour at less cost.

This is the second issue in the A5 format that is much easier for our distributors to handle as no folding is involved and there is less risk of incurring extra postage.

Because I am receiving copy at the last minute more often than used to be the case I find that starting a layout before the deadline is no longer possible. For the next issue I am therefore giving myself more time after the deadline.

Five years on it is perhaps time for some other enthusiast to take on production of Stray News after the August Issue.

I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in giving it a go.

Chris Rush

Unless otherwise shown address all enquiries to Harrogate U3A by email at