Issue 40

October 2011






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The Joint Exhibition for Painting, Photography

And Textile Crafts

By R Stobbs David Purser with his Daisies

The Photography Group

What a difference a year makes! Once again the members of the Photography Group put their best shutter fingers forward and, during the last 12 months, took some amazing photographs which were recently displayed at our Annual Exhibition at West Park United Reformed Church. The Exhibition, which ran from 29th August to 3rd September, has been declared a great success. This is not just the opinion of our members but also that of the many people who viewed the exhibition during the week.

This year our pictures were based on three themes; ‘Water’, ‘Up-close and personal’ and ‘Textures Patterns and Shapes’. It was interesting to see how many of the pictures crossed the thematic boundaries linking two or, in some cases, all three themes.

Sharing our work with other U3A groups is an area of co-operation which has given us all much pleasure and is something we hope to be able to repeat in the future. Besides the interchange of ideas that we gain from exhibiting jointly, we also benefit from the sharing of publicity which helps to draw in a wider audience for us all. Members of U3A who missed the exhibition had another chance to see some of the photographs at the U3A AGM.

Though not everyone who came to see the exhibition signed the comments book, of those who did, we are pleased to see that, in addition to members of other U3As and Photographic Societies, we welcomed visitors from Wiltshire, Somerset, Derbyshire, West Midlands and New York State!


Derek Hodson

The Textile Group

We took part, together with the Painting and Photography groups, in the recent exhibition at the United Reformed Church. We were encouraged by the appreciative comments of visitors who were especially interested in the embroidery which we had produced, using photos as sources.


Julie Clark