Issue 40

October 2011






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The Annual General Meeting

It was good to see so many Leaders with displays and information about their Group. Thanks are due to Barbara Davy and Angela Sansam for their planning and liaison with the staff at the Cairn.

The AGM began promptly at 2.00pm.

David Davies was elected as Chairman and David Smithson elected as Vice Chairman.

Ruth Townrow is to serve for a further year and Margaret Marks and Pam Gilling continue to serve as Treasurer and Membership Secretary respectively.

Barbara Davy, David Masterman, Pauline Nolan, Lee Parkes, Barbara Peel and Carolyn Watson were elected en bloc to serve on the Committee.

The Mayor, Cllr Ellington shared with us a few encouraging words.

Our MP, Andrew Jones, addressed the meeting and invited us to visit the Houses of Parliament.   This had been discussed in Committee and enquiries made as to the cost of hiring a coach. If there would be enough support, I think this could be arranged.

The Chairman thanked Barbara Peel for her service as Membership Secretary and Angela Sansam for her work with the groups.

There was a special "Thank You" to Ruth Townrow, whose service to the U3A far exceeds her job description as Secretary!

NB:The Open Day and AGM in 2012  will be held on the Third Friday, 21st September at the Cairn Hotel.


I am very happy to hand over to David Davies and I wish him, the Officers and Committee an encouraging future.


Tricia Ward