Issue  40

October 2011



Chairman                                  David Davies                    Treasurer                                  Margaret Marks


Vice Chairman                         David Smithson                Group Coordinator                Barbara Davy


Secretary                                  Ruth Townrow                    Publicity                                    David Masterman


Membership Secretary          Pam Gilling                       Programme Secretary           Roger Wilkin



Committee members            


                                                   Pauline Nolan                                           Lee Parkes


                                                  Barbara Peel                                           Carolyn  Watson





Copy Deadline FEBRUARY 20, 2012

Planned publication month MARCH 2012

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Future Issues of Stray News

I have decided to revert to the old pattern for producing Stray News. In future I will produce an issue at year end that coincides with the AGM documentation circulated in August.

This means that the other issues will be published in December and April. For 2012 however I intend to publish in March and not April.

Meet David Smithson the new Vice Chairman

I am a retired teacher. My subjects were English and IT.

I am married, to Carole who is a native of Harrogate. We have two Siamese cats. We have lived in Knaresborough for 14 years.

I do some voluntary work for Orb in Knaresborough where I teach IT both to beginners and to those who want to know more. I have just begun further voluntary work which involves reading the news to the visually handicapped.

Hobbies include reading, theatre, cinema and travel.