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October 2011






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Dales Integrated Transport Alliance (DITA)

DITA, a community-led transport group has been awarded £1.1 million funding from Government to improve transport in the greater Dales area. DITA is the only community-led group from across the whole country to have been successful and this is potentially a huge boost to our area.

Nidderdale has been identified as the first pilot area for DITA, revolving around the established No 24 bus route, and the pilot should be up and running during autumn.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about public transport in Nidderdale, please get in touch, via the contact function on the web site:, or contacting Helen Flynn, Chair, Dales Integrated Transport Alliance at: .  We need strong community support and help to make any transport we trial sustainable, so please use this opportunity to show support for local bus services!

CVS News

William Merritt DLC & Mobility Service provides fitness to drive assessments for any age group and/or disability. They can also assess whether someone is safe to continue to drive and provide advice and information on ways to keep people driving. They cover the whole of the Yorkshire region and have 2 centres based in Leeds and York, giving advice on driving, vehicle adaptations and driver retraining. Please see or contact, Philip North DipCOT, Mobility Service Team Leader, William Merritt DLC & Mobility Service, St Marys Hospital, Green Hill Road, Leeds LS12 3QE, Tel: 0113 305 5288

What are your three BIG health and well being issues for Harrogate district?

Have your say at

North Yorkshire County Council is working on a new Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for 2012. It is important that it includes local people’s experiences and opinions about their health and well being needs.

NYCC wants to know what you and your service users think are the three BIG issues that impact on health and well being. Initial thoughts on what are the causes and possible solutions to the issues would also be very useful. At this stage NYCC only wants a brief overview of your BIG issues. Later NYCC will organise events during which representatives of your organisation will be able to take part in more detailed discussions.

Responses are needed by 11 November and should be sent to: .

By post to:


North Yorkshire County Council

North Yorkshire House

442-444 Scalby Road


YO12 6EE

If you would like any more information about JSNA, or an easy read version of this information, please contact , North Yorkshire JSNA Project Lead.

Free to a good home!

Micron 780 - Microfiche Reader


* Two lenses

* Hi/Lo light levels

* 2m Cable

* 13a plug

* Working order


19¾” h x 14¾ w x19¼ d


Collect from Ripon


Contact:  Derek Hodson


												Cook Trotter, LLP
																	Chartered Accountants
													3 Sceptre House,
													Hornbeam Park,
													HG2 8PB Tel: 01423 874777 
																		Honorary Auditors to Harrogate U3A
           COOK TROTTER, LLP
                Chartered Accountants
            3 Sceptre House,
            Hornbeam Park,
            HG2 8PB Tel: 01423 874777
                 Honorary Auditors to Harrogate U3A