Issue 40

October 2011

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Members of Harrogate U3A met in the Valley Gardens for a picnic. The weather had not been too good but it did not rain and was quite warm.

We gathered by the bandstand, some with folding chairs, others with large mats, and the food was laid out. There were some sausages, sausage rolls and some very delicious homemade bhajis. These went down very well.

Brian took some video of the party, that you can see at by searching for Harrogate  U3A

Ivan produced a tape recorder with a quiz that Daphne Fisher had made in 2001 using bird song as the theme, for this Daphne was the quizmaster. Jill was the winner. Note when it was played back at the tenth university in 2001 a different Jill was the winner.

Then Barbara introduced her Gold Quiz, the prize for this a £20 Betty’s voucher provided out of U3A funds. At the due date all the quiz papers were checked and the winner was Margaret Douglas, the only entry to get all 30 correct. The clue that stumped everyone was ‘Paddington loves this’ – all the other entries put Golden Syrup – the answer actually was Golden Shred – Paddington appears on the label!

Val found a small green fruit that had fallen from a tree, it looked like a crab apple but plainly, it was not, she asked, “What kind of tree is that”? Well we did not know but a little research by Jill showed that it was a black walnut, “um” why “black”? We soon learned the answer, we took the fruit home and cut it open it was hard, very hard. Our hands turned black and were not possible to wash clean.!!!

At about three PM the band began to play and we all relaxed before going home having had a splendid time. Thanks to all the members who came to make this splendid day. It was nice to meet several ‘old’ friends.


Ivan  Peel suggested a 'Picnic in the Park' as a way of celebrating that our U3A was formed 20 years ago.

What better way of enjoying a couple of hours on a Sunday,  chatting with friends and listening to the band playing catchy tunes? We had thought of enjoying a glass of wine with our picnic but  that it is not allowed in the Valley Gardens. Thank goodness we remembered in time to avoid bringing shame on our U3A by being ejected and labelled as Sagalouts.

In the event the weather was not promising but gradually improved and the band played to an audience of about 150.

Our group of U3A members numbered  about 25 and it was good to see three or four new faces.

We had a relaxing time as most knew each other. Intellects were tested by a quiz and there was a bird call recognition test recorded by Daphne Fisher. High marks were claimed by many, even those who did not recognise the cuckoo. See us on YouTube.

Thanks to Ivan and Barbara for organising a great idea.

Brian Graham

A Picnic in the Park - Sunday 7th August