Issue 40

October 2011

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The Walking Holiday 2010

Twenty Seven members attended the group’s annual holiday which started this year at Leighton moss R.S.P.B reserve. Most members were not experienced bird watchers so several rare and unusual species were seen, allegedly.

After checking in to the Cumbria Grand Hotel those that wanted to had a walk round Grange-over-Sands. Dinner was followed by quizzes.

Tuesday dawned sunny and warm and we set off on the train from Grange-Over-Sands, some of the Group getting off at Arnside and some at Silverdale. The longer walk started well but once into the woods things got tricky! It was a case of not seeing the wood for the trees so to speak and the leader appeared to be directionally challenged or as some of the group would insist on saying. LOST!

We eventually completed the walk and made it back to Arnside with time for refreshments. The group on the shorter walk apparently had no such problems as they were only too keen to point out.

The weather forecast for Wednesday was for rain but nobody could believe it because it was such a lovely evening. It couldn't possibly change that quickly

Wednesday was to be "A once in a lifetime opportunity to walk from Hest Bank across Morcambe Bay to Grange". We should have believed the weather forecast because it poured down and windy with it. The walk, needless to say, was cancelled. For some strange reason no one seemed unduly disappointed. A group of eight did however walk from Cark to Cartmel and got very wet in the process.

On Thursday we drove to Ambleside and walked to Grasmere where some of the group left us to find their way back to Ambleside. The rest walked round Rydal Water where one member took the opportunity to have a paddle (sheer bliss for the poor feet ! ). The walk ended in heavy rain but had been most enjoyable with superb views.

Friday began with rain so it was decided not to stop at Ingleton to do the Waterfalls Walk. Instead after saying our farewells we all set off for home after another enjoyable holiday.

Thanks are due to Ivan and Barbara for the time and effort put into organising it and to those members who helped to provide the evenings entertainment.

Waiting at Grange Station
Not Lost!
Before the Rain