Issue 40

October 2011



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We have had a successful year and thanks to Diana are making progress. She has spent a year showing us the italic hand and this term hopes to progress to a more ornamental type of italic. Diane is also going to show us how to use gouache to embellish our writing.

We had three new members in September, two of whom are contacts of current members of the group. At last years AGM we swelled our numbers and I hope the same will happen this year as quite a few people showed interest. We welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of calligraphy as it has many uses and enhances cards, jam labels and flyers, to mention a few. If you can find no use, then join us for the company and learning another art!

Our next meeting will be Friday October the 14th We meet once a month at Community House, East Parade, from 2pm - 4pm on the second Friday of the month.

Please note the venue as we no longer meet at my house


Current Affairs Forum



4th November Strikes and freedom   Derek

2nd December What future for young people ?  Ruth

6th January  Urban Planning - local implications Marguerite

3rd February  European funding – inter dependability Marguerite

Other possible topics for future sessions.

Menwith Hill; Funding for care of the elderly; Public subsidy for the Arts; Probate; Rights and Responsibilities ( Big Society); Health and Safety/ Personal Freedom; National Health Service – future funding.

The German Groups

We still have three German groups, a beginners, an intermediate

and an advanced group.

There might be one or two openings in September in the intermediate group. We like to keep it down to ten for each group in order to give everyone a chance as the groups are mostly conversational.

Groups are weekly on Monday mornings from 10AM to 12PM except for school holidays.

Errata in Group Activities List

The Italian Conversation group meet on the FIRST Tuesday of each month at the Harrogate Conservative Club from 5pm to 6:30 pm. It is run by and Rosie Clarke.

The Mah Jong venue is at own house not Hampsthwaite.

Walking Groups include a Striders group with a faster pace.

For clarification Healthy Cooking and Eating alternates monthly with Vegetarian Cooking.


Down (child)


Down (child)