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June 2011







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Botanical Art

We began the botanical art classes last October on the first and third Thursdays of each month.  We have covered a variety of techniques including graphite pencil drawing and pen and ink.  Everyone can go at their own speed although the more practice one does at home, the faster the progress. We draw mainly from nature, including material such as leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables.  In the next class on June 2nd we will start using coloured pencils.  Everyone is very much looking forward to this as it gives a wonderful effect to any drawing and is fun to use, although not as easy as many people think!  

If anyone is interested in taking botanical art classes, please let me know as, if enough interest is generated, I could teach a morning class for beginners on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Contact  

Sue Warren


At the moment the group numbers between 8 and 10. This is a good number as it gives scope for Diana, our adviser, to help us all on an individual basis during the two hours meeting. As not everyone manages to attend each session we have plenty of vacancies for anyone interested. We meet on the second Friday of the month at Community House from 2 to 4pm. There are many reasons for peoples' interest in the craft. Some of us make cards, and others just get pleasure from the formation of the special lettering. It makes a greeting in a card extra special.

Anyone interested in joining a friendly group, contact  .


Ruth Ogle

Current Affairs Forum

Last year regular members of the Current Affairs took the decision that they wanted the group to act as a forum. More of a place where people might be able to debate the issues of the day in a supportive and non-threatening environment. How well has it worked you ask? Well numbers have stayed around the 20-25 mark each month. The topics covered have included:-the budget cuts; euthanasia; impact of superstores on towns; lowering the age of criminal responsibility; the benefit society; the Anglo-American Partnership; the future of libraries; Christmas in a secular society; the role of the local Councillor

Now, as we end this programme we are already casting our mind to the future. Our next meeting on July 1st, 2.00 p.m at the Robert’s Centre(opposite Waitrose) is a planning meeting for next years programme. Why not come along. Is there something that you would really like to talk to others about ? It’s fun to talk ,remember




Full house for croquet

Croquet is under way again with 40 members now playing twice a week at Bishop Monkton Croquet Club. All available places have been allocated and there is a waiting list. The group has arranged a number of friendly matches this season and also plans a BBQ and other social events. Leader: .