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June 2011







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Yorkshire on Film

A very successful open meeting of Harrogate U3A was held in January.  Sue Howard and a team from Yorkshire Film Archive presented to us a wealth of film material of Harrogate and Yorkshire in past years.

Sue  made a particular appeal for people to search out old film taken of Yorkshire that they might have loitering in the back of cupboards or in attics.

Her team is expert at preserving and re-mastering old film and is able to bring to life film memories of earlier years for the benefit of today's audiences.

If you have such material available please contact:


Ms Sue Howard

Director, Yorkshire Film Archive

York St John's University

Lord Mayor's Walk

York YO31 7EX

Tel:01904 876399


David Davies

A Surrogate Bee-keeper

In 2009 I read an article about the worrying reduction in the number of honey-bees in the country. The article suggested that anyone with a reasonably sized garden and was interested in bees, but did not want to become a bee-keeper, could consider letting a bee-keeper who was looking for somewhere to put a hive use a space in their garden.

I have always been interested in keeping bees although because of the pressure of other things had never taken up the activity. As a keen gardener I had for some years noticed and been concerned by a great reduction in the number of bees visiting the garden. In early 2010 the science group had an interesting talk by the chairman of our local bee-keepers association, in which he mentioned that the association ran courses for prospective apiarists.

After the talk I discussed with him the idea of letting somebody keep a hive in my garden. That resulted in him bringing a novice bee-keeper, Alex, and his mentor, Peter, round to see me.

As we seemed to get on alright and my garden was deemed ideal, we agreed to go ahead with the project and so now I have a thriving colony of bees in the garden.

With their presence on the flowers, pollinating and collecting, plus the gentle low buzzing supplementing the bird song, the garden is an even nicer place to potter or sit.

Alex comes round occasionally sometimes with Peter, he always ring up first to see if that’s alright with us. He then checks that everything is OK or carries out any necessary work on the hive.

The arrangement works very well, both parties are satisfied and I would recommend it and now consider myself to be a surrogate bee-keeper.

If anyone is interested I would be happy to put you in touch with the Harrogate apiarist society. Just give me a ring on 01423 872476.


David Broadley