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June 2011







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The Chairman’s Message

It is the time of the year when the Chairman has to remind you that we are looking for new members willing to serve on the Committee. Please do consider making a nomination, after obtaining the agreement of the member, and if you are approached do seriously consider allowing your name to go forward.

Our current Committee brings a variety of talents to the Executive. David Davies has set up a small group to look ahead, to adopt ways of streamlining the circulation of the AGM documents and the best practice for the collection of the annual subscription. This forward-looking group has the support of all the Committee Members.

We do endeavour to ensure that we support our Group Leaders and all our Membership.

The Committee has decided not to hold a Christmas lunch this year. We struggled to sell 75 tickets last year, and the Cairn Hotel did waive the agreement that we should have 100 diners, or pay extra for the room. We cannot expect the same consideration for 2011

I hope therefore that members will support "The Picnic in the Park" on Sunday 7 August, 2011 – a sequel to "A Day to Remember" both masterminded by Ivan Peel.

I am compiling this report after a wonderful repast prepared and served by the Healthy Cooking and Eating Group. A hearty "Thank you" to Liz Craddock for the three course meal prepared by the Group, and the wonderful company.

I am looking forward to a return visit to the "Singing for Pleasure" group. Elizabeth Turner invites a group of Committee members and friends to a rehearsal and chance to meet the group over coffee.

I wish all our members a happy summer and safe travel whether you are venturing near or far.


Tricia Ward

Membership Update

It is time to remind all our 870 members that your subscriptions for 2011/12 will be due on 1st September.  Renewal forms will be posted to you in August so please try to return them to me promptly.  As we are a registered charity, and if you are a UK taxpayer,  I would particularly like to stress the importance of signing the ‘Gift Aid’ section on the subscription form as this is a significant source of income for us.


Pamela Gilling

Membership Secretary

Proposed Membership Subscription Change

Harrogate U3A committee agreed at its meeting on 11 May 2011 that in future if approved by members at the forthcoming AGM, a full subscription, currently £12, will be payable for full or part year membership.


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