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June 2011







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Group Updates Cont’d


Since our Group leader,  Leonard Boydell, left Harrogate prior to our April Meeting, David Purser and Eileen Crank have continued to lead the Group – very much aware of the invaluable contribution made by our former  leader.

A successful  Workshop was held in February at which members brought their cameras for a practical session – learning to use Manual Exposure Controls as opposed to using the Auto setting.

There were opportunities to  take Still Life images inside, and capture ‘moving’ shots outside.

Our Annual Group Lunch was also held in February, very much enjoyed at the Ascot House Hotel.

At our March Meeting, members brought images taken at the Workshop and/or Monthly Topic  “Reflections”  either as prints or had emailed them  for projector screening.

April – our Monthly Topic “Something Different” gave members the opportunity to interpret the subject matter as they wished.   An interesting display of prints plus images on projector screen provided a diverse selection – whether using different viewpoint, angles,  and perhaps editing in camera or using computer techniques such as cropping, basic tweaks, effects, etc.  – and provided an opportunity for members to discuss their work.

This Monthly Topic will continue into May with emphasis on the three Themes we have for the 2011 Exhibition (Textures, Patterns, and Shapes/ Water/ Up Close and Personal).

Dr. Helen Crank (Senior Researcher, Dept. of Sport & Exercise Science, Sheffield Hallam University) gave a Presentation, showing photographs taken at the International Dragon Boat Festival, Peterborough, Canada 2010 – in connection  with her work with Breast Cancer Survivors.

Photography Group Exhibition 2011 - This will now be a Joint Exhibition between 29 August to 3rd September at the West Park United Reformed Church  (10am and 4pm each day). So far, the Painting, Textile Crafts, Painting & Drawing, and Photography Groups are participating. Dates for the diary, as all are welcome to come and view the exhibition!


David Purser

Reading for Pleasure

We are enjoying another year of reading, and have read a variety of books since our new year started again in October. Our most recent book was “The Return” by Victoria Hislop which had very mixed review from the group. The main subject of the book is the Spanish Civil War, which encouraged members of the group to investigate this subject further. We are now reading books which each group member provided in a cover, to be passed on to another group member to read and present at the meeting in June. I’m looking forward to this meeting which will be full of surprises. We carried out this experiment last year, which was a great success and I am looking forward to the meeting in June.


Jill Pullman


The next meeting will be on Thursday 9th June and this will be the last session until September.


Joy Able

Singing for Pleasure

Many people in the group say that Singing for Pleasure is the highlight of their week.

We are a group of  36 and meet weekly on a Wednesday morning, from 1030 to 1230 at St Roberts Centre. We have entertained on several occasions at various venues, and sing a wide range of music. As we are asked back to most venues we must be doing something right! At the moment membership is closed But I am still looking for two more gentlemen (Tenors). If there is anyone out there interested. please contact  .


Elizabeth Turner