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June 2011

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What Harrogate U3A Means To You

I retired at the end of January 2009 from a highly active full time occupation and spent nearly 18 months mooching around trying this and that voluntary job to pass the time. I was persuaded to join U3A. I soon discovered a writing talent I had never before had time to pursue with the Writing for Pleasure group; joined in the “gentle” sport of croquet and returned to the game of Mah-Jong after many years. Although I am a regular singer with a number of choirs I found that singing with the U3A choir during the daytime was really relaxing and performing in an afternoon a particular pleasure. I enjoy the repartee of the social groups and occasionally meeting the same people in different tasks to swop experiences. I have to admit it has changed my view of retirement completely. Long may it continue.

Brian Hey
The Five Ages of a U3A Walker

According to the name of the Group I am an Explorer and walk at least 14 Miles once a month plus the Striders walks.
The miles get longer and the hills higher or so it seems.
I decide therefore to walk with the Striders only.
So I take my fish oil and Glucosamine, strap my knee up, grit my teeth and go for it.
The programme says 7 miles but I'm sure they must be Yorkshire miles or metric or something as it seems more like 15 miles.

The Walkers now, less miles still but just as good company but the real clue that I still need to downgrade is when someone has to help me to lift my leg over the stiles.
Why does everything stop bending?

I am now in the Strollers, 4 miles and a tea room. I am going to suggest to the leader that we start in the tea room and then decide how far or indeed if we walk.
Joy of Joys my motorised zimmer frame has just arrived so I can still ENJOY my walking.

Richard Stobbs

A Strollers life for me,
It’s what I’d like to be,
Rain and wind don’t really matter,
As long as we can have a natter,
Flowers and birds and lots to see,
Topped off with a lovely cup of tea

Diane Simpson
Joining U3A

In many ways we spend our days
Busier than we were before
How many days, how many ways
To enjoy our leisure time more

Tai Chi, embroidery and crafty skills
Talks to remind us of a past event
Walks arranged by sea and hills
Though we may often forget where we went!

Coffee mornings to meet new friends
New ideas, make do and mends.
Its all good comradeship and humour
We should have thought of this sooner

Barbara Davy