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February 2011







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New Groups


To be held on a Monday afternoon at Bishop Monkton Bowling Club starting in April. You do not have to join the established Club unless you wish.

Cost £2 per session.

Information from Leader

David Byfield

DIY and Home Maintenance

I propose to run a trial course on Do it Yourself and Home Maintenance, and invite members to contact me by email if interested.

The content and style will be designed to suit members’ needs, and can cover any topic from shopping for tools and materials to carrying out home projects.

Nothing will be considered too small, trivial or irrelevant, and I hope to be able to instil confidence in your ability to deal with various tasks, even if they are a ‘closed book’ to you at present.

An inaugural meeting was held on 24 January The next meeting will be on Monday 7th February, from 10 - 12 noon at my home, Dates for the follow-up meetings are: 14th March, 11th April, 23rd May and 20th June. Contact me for details.



Second Reading Group

This is now meeting on the second Monday of the month.  Information from

There are still a couple of vacancies - we are presently reading books

by Jodie Picout

Table Tennis

Table tennis has now been added to the long and lengthening list of activities offered to Harrogate U3A members.

The new section met for the first time on January 11 at Bishop Monkton Village Hall attended by 14 players, some of them existing members of the U3A Croquet Section.

The section has the use of three tables in the excellent main hall so all were quickly in action showing off their skills but some thinking of playing up to 21, and showing their age! (the rules changed in 2001 and a game is now won by the first player to reach 11).

Table tennis will be played year round during four 10-week quarters. The group will meet every Tuesday afternoon during these quarters from 2 to 4 p.m.. Refreshments will be organised.

The start-up leader is Richard Field, who also got U3A Croquet off the ground.

With a fourth table shortly being added, the U3A group will be allowed to grow to a maximum of 20 members meaning that there are still just a few vacancies. Anyone wishing to join, or attend a 'taster' session, should contact  


Richard Field


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